Get your school wearing Lachie's Laces

About Lachie's Laces

Lachie’s Laces are vibrant yellow shoelaces that we’ve created in memory of Lachie Sutherland, our beautiful bright boy who died from cancer in 2020, aged 12.

You can wear Lachie’s Laces anytime you like – heck we’d encourage you to wear them every day! But our official day is September 25th – Lachie’s birthday.  This year he would have been 17. 

Like all good ideas, we need people’s support to give it wings. It’s our dream to see Lachie remembered every time you lace up your shoes and know that when you do, you’re supporting kids living with cancer.

How to Get on Board

There are two options:

1. You take orders from students, parents, and teachers, and then we send you enough Lachie’s Laces to fill your orders in plenty of time for September 25th.

2. We send you a big box of Lachie’s Laces and you set about selling them. It could be through the main office, at the school gate during drop-off and pick-up or maybe your school has a student representative group who wants to be responsible for selling and distributing. When your laces are sold, the proceeds are paid to Lachie’s Laces.

As extra motivation for your school, we can set up a specific donation and target page that tracks your school’s fundraising efforts. This allows your school community to watch their efforts grow and see how they’re supporting the Child Cancer Foundation. See an example here.