Opportunities for Sponsorship

We’re passionate about supporting children and their whanau living with cancer. We’ve walked this journey ourselves. This experience taught us how important the support of the Child Cancer Foundation is and drives our desire to give back to this charity and bring others along with us. We know that when we all do a little bit, it can make a big difference.

2024 is the fifth year of Lachie’s Laces. The campaign started in 2020 to mark Lachie’s 13th birthday. He has died weeks before this important milestone. That first year we sold 500 pairs of yellow shoes laces to friends and family, who laced up yellow on September 25th to mark his birthday. You loved this campaign and jumped on board to make 2021 bigger and better. In 2021, 500 pairs of laces turned into 6000!

Your support drives this campaign and energises us to push forward to ensure that Lachie’s Laces gains more momentum every year and we can continue to give back to Child Cancer Foundation so they can keep doing what they do best; providing support to the 150 kiwi kids diagnosed with cancer every year.

We have 10,000 pairs of yellow laces to sell in 2024 and our campaign kicks off (no pun intended!) in July. As we grow, we are looking for sponsorship partners. We run a lean operation with the support of local businesses providing support in the areas of graphic design, website design, IT support, photography, printing, legal guidance…but this year we are looking for financial support will help us cover the cost of packaging.

Our packaging is undergoing a re-fresh and with an estimated 2000 packages of Lachie’s Laces being sent to charitably minded New Zealanders throughout the campaign window (July/August/September) we are offering two spots for partnership branding on our packaging. This is an opportunity for your business to turn cash into good feels!

Your brand here! It’s super simple – your brand will feature on every package of Lachie’s Laces, identifying your company as a proud supporter of Lachie’s Laces, helping us deliver bright yellow laces to charitable kiwis the width and breadth of the country; unified in our support of Child Cancer Foundation.

Lace up for Lachie. Show your support for kiwi kids living with cancer.